"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

Martin Luther King Jr.


Justice Can't Wait was born after the world witnessed the vile murder of George Floyd. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, an officer who took an oath to protect his community murdered one of its own members. Floyd was one of too many people to have his life cut short at the hands of the police. As a nonprofit, grassroots organization, we campaign for significant systematic reform within the criminal justice system at all levels. At the moment, we are working on promoting legislation that would add accountability to the policing system, holding both the officers involved and the departments they work for accountable for every instance of police brutality nationwide. At the state level, we advocate for a reliable system to review the deaths of unarmed individuals, and bar any officer involved in a wrongful death from ever being hired again.

Mission Statement


Rest in Power, George Floyd.

Donations will be used to build up communities of color particularly in the DC area. All donations are used to help with community pantries, free meals programs, education, healthcare, and mental health facilities.

Everyone is welcome to join our cause, regardless of age or citizenship. Click the icon above for more information to do so.

Justice Can't Wait advocates for social justice and racial equity in the United States. For decades, communities of color have suffered from the historical systemic racism that has plagued the criminal justice and social systems. We aim to facilitate change for minority disparity by advocating for meaningful reform in both Congressional and State governments.

As a nonprofit organization, all of our funds go directly towards supporting vital social infrastructure in marginalized communities, including education, healthcare, and mental health services.