We Commit

  1. to working toward ending systemic racism and promoting racial equity in the United States

  2. to building up communities of color

  3. to holding our elected officials accountable

  4. to ensuring that those who are meant to uphold the law don't break it

Justice Can't Wait was founded to combat systemic racism and social and economic disadvantage by promoting reform-minded legislation at all levels of government and making investments back into the community.

We fight for legislation by providing statistical evidence and case studies on racial disparities across the United States and presenting it face-to-face with legislators. Our data is a bit different from others, it is formed to counter false pretenses through meticulous studies in every case. By doing our research in this way, it ensures we have the strongest case possible to present to officials when we call for reform. Using our data, we organize letter-writing campaigns, petitions, and community meetings to advocate for the reform we so desperately need.

However, we can't wait any longer for the government to start building up our communities. So, we're doing it ourselves. As a registered nonprofit, Justice Can't Wait holds several fundraisers and donation drives each year to build up marginalized communities. 100% of your donation goes to building up necessary social infrastructure in these communities. That makes things like free school lunches and books, free health clinics, mental health support networks, free meals for the poor, and free housing available in disadvantaged communities. All of which helps build racial equity and opens countless doorways to a better future for all Americans.

We know we're not alone in this fight, which is why we also sponsor other organizations and legal funds which help those who can't afford to bear the burden of legal expenses, which are especially damaging to people of color, who are incarcerated at higher rates and face longer sentences on average compared to White Americans.